Mr. Toohey

an excerpt from the fictional diary of Mr.Toohey. A diary I would love to get my hands on..

“……but I can whet and I can be the nice guy. A feeble attempt won’t hurt. It won’t change the course of things. I can still claim to have tried. But he doesn’t agree with me. He always contradicts. Even his silence¬†reflects¬†disagreement. Disagreement. How? That is dangerous. And there’s something about him that disconcerts. Something similar to her. Now she has to be kept mollified. She has to be respected because there’s a lot I can get done through her. But I don’t like the influence he has. The way he manages to get her point across and considered. Even though I’m considered smarter, better, more talented and knowledgeable…..

Who the hell is he anyways!?? Where has he come from? And how dare he prove a challenge to my authority? I need my slaves to be mine. An influence of someone who does not follow me is unthinkable. He must go… But how? How do I get my slave out from his orbit?…