So a quarter of the new year is almost over. What do you have to say for the last three months? Nothing.

Nothing? Yes, nothing.

Not nothing surely? Well, no. A new team, new responsibilities and new excitement. Premchand and Jaipur Literature Festival.

Then why are you saying ‘Nothing’? Coz I feel empty about it all. It doesn’t come to memory when I think about it.

Why are you so keen to see the glass half-empty? I am not.

You are. I am NOT. My New Year’s resolution collapsed within two weeks and the rest of the months have been a haze of trying to make that resolution work again.

How will it work? Only some tough decisions will help.

Make them then. No.

Why not? No courage.

Look around then. HAHAHAHA.

Fortune favours the bold, you know? Don’t remind me.


“Let’s clean my room, get those summer clothes out. Probably, something will spark then”