House Hunting

I am moving. I am making a new home on the web. I love WordPress. It’s clean, simple, easy to use and has an awesome iPhone app. But I am bored of this blog. That’s just me. I get bored with these techy things very fast. Very fast. I am already bored of my iPhone 4 and it’s only … err … 5 months old. Unfortunately, I don’t have any, even sliiiiiightly better option than this phone. So no choice. But I can explore the web. Make a home on different sites. Wander about. And I am going to do so.

I made this blog when I was lonely. Very lonely. Most of these posts are reminiscent of an October I would rather forget. The title of this post comes from the same time (I had not thought of it when I put up the title) I’m not lonely any more. And this blog has lost it’s purpose. But I don’t want to delete it. Its history that has built up to make the present day. So it shall stay as a link in my new home.

I am currently house-hunting. I will inform you of my whereabouts soon. Till then, take care.

I shall also learn to stop writing as if millions were reading this. But sometimes, delusion is allowed. And I have always loved the limelight.


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