Miss.World wins the Peace Prize!

Obama’s won the peace prize. I’ll leave the analysis of it ‘being an embarrassing joke’ to the experts. I’ll just say this- Obama, apart from giving us the ‘yes, we can’ motto (which I love!) has announced a ‘vision’ for world peace. He hasn’t achieved anything yet. And if having a ‘vision’ for world peace was enough to win one the Nobel Peace prize, then every woman who wins the Miss. World contest should be given a Nobel immediately. If there is one thing I remember about these pageants from the time I used to follow them¬†religiously, all of the winners declared a wish to work for world peace. And most of them did too, since they were under contract. If the committee has been smart and done it to put the pressure on Obama to actually speed up the peace processes, then it may serve some purpose. But as of now, ‘Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra for the peace prize!’


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