The Unbearable Randomness Of Being-II

Now I was looking at the watchman today and since I feel like attributing my idleness to everyone I see, I felt for the poor man. What a boring job! All he does is sit around under a tree, occasionally chatting with my driver(if the car’s at home) or most of the times, staring into space like me. Now I have a million things I can do if I found the energy for it. He is doing what most people do from 9am-5pm-earning his living! But how monotonous! He comes running up to the gate to open and close it every time anyone walks in or out of the building and carries your shopping bags to your house. That’s about all.And frankly, if a thief was to come to rob me, I don’t see this man being of much use in protecting us! He’s thin and lanky, carries no stick/gun etc. He’ll probably be the mouse who flees a sinking ship. He’s probably pretty qualified and just can’t get a job due to the recession. Which means he isn’t really wanting to be a watch-man. Why would he then risk his life to save my valuables? Now, I think this man is rather useless!  Awara hoon, ya gardish mein hoon, aasman ka tara hoon!

I wonder why some people just don’t speak. Now, I love talking and hearing the sound of my voice. And I never understood how people can not like it. Some people stubbornly refuse to talk! Like, its a red-letter day the day you hear them talk. Like Shy-Boy in the DebSoc. I mean, he never talks and I’m certain he goes off to sleep when others are talking to him! Don’t such people ever fear they’ll lose their voice? I mean, look at it. You keep an appliance in storage for a long, long time. When you finally take it out and decide to use it, you can never be certain the damned thing will work. Its been unused for so long. More often than not, it will require oiling and will creak irritatingly. Don’t such quiet people fear that when they do eventually put their voices to use, their voices might not work due to lack of use? Isn’t it better to keep it in constant use and be assured it will work when you need it?(Ye dosti hum nahi todenge!)

Why am I bored with life? Why do I complain that I have nothing to do? I mean, I am doing English[Hons]. I have a million books to read and supposedly interesting ones at that. I have research projects to complete, I have movies to watch, music to listen to and a blog to write. Why am I still bored? And these are activities I enjoy doing. But idleness is getting to me and this lack of productivity has definitely addled my brains. Look at the string of nonsense I have been writing about. Do you need more proof? I think I need to define what I mean by productivity first and then cut down on my sleep. I sleep far too much! And then I need to find something to do. Wait!I already have a lot to do. I need to find the motivation to do them! (Main aisa kyun hoon?)

Now that I am getting tired of typing again, I am reminded of the lost art of writing. This computer has ruined all our habits. I remember when we were kids, we were told to write with ink-pens to improve our handwriting. I remember practicing my cursive for days on end to be able to write beautifully. Today, though, no one cares about their handwriting because everything is typed! Even love letters have lost their charm. Love e-mails are just not the same (I don’t get either so I don’t know why I’m complaining!) But it was nice to see bits of articles and poems in neat handwriting. It gave a feeling of belonging when you could see and recognize a friend’s handwriting. Hand-written notes in pretty coloured pens and hand-made paper are such a thing of the past. Handwriting formed a part of your personality. It often suggested some trait. Like people looked at my handwriting and told me I’m an introvert. I still have to find that side of me! I guess its a boon for those who scrawled instead of writing. But I miss ‘writing’ just the same!

Writing. Now I can make a connection. I think Milan Kundera is really random. I read his book, I liked it but I still felt it was way too abstract. I really did not get what he was trying to say. I don’t think I like abstraction too much. Many different stories, while each one of them made sense on their own, their was always something missing in each of them. And I don’t know where he linked it all together and how they all made sense(if they did). Thus, this randomness is for him. And the title, a steal from his book (the one I have’nt read yet)

I want to read ‘The Unbearable Lightness Of Being’. I want to read it because I love the song Iktara from Wake Up Sid. And a review described this song as portraying the unbearable lightness of being. So, now I want to read the book to connect it with the song! Bollywood is my biggest inspiration. I love it when life represents the movies, when I can sing a song for any incident, when we liveour lives the way those characters live theirs! I wanted to read Anna Karenina after I came to know that Kareena Kapoor was named after her. I love my Bollywood connection and that I am totally Bollywood! And as long as Bollywood inspires me to read good books., I think its doing a good job, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

Jeena yahan, marna yahan

Iske siwa jaana kahan,

Jee chaahe jab humko aawaz do,

Hum hain yahin, tum bhi yahan!

I can’t believe I can be this random! And even more surprising is that I enjoy it! These oh-so-random things give incredibly lazy people like me so much food for thought! Next time I stare out into space, I’ll theorize about why beaches are better than hills! Its better than tackling Dr.Faustus any day!


The Unbearable Randomness Of Being

Why does it happen that every time I stare into space, a string of completely random unrelated thoughts come into my head? My brain is a rather chaotic place because at any given point of time, there’s always a song playing in my head (Iktata from Wake Up Sid at this point) Added to that, I’m thinking of completely random, unrelated things. Even when I was thinking of Miss.World and Obama, I was actually wondering why did Priyanka Chopra agree to do a film like ‘What’s your rashee?’ That movie when I want to nominate her for the Peace Prize! Now tell me, where does the peace prize figure in Bollywood? Unless Katrina Kaif plays the role of Mother Teresa in some movie.

Then I see the curtains that have recently been put up in my room (still hunting for red ones, these are temporary) They completely change the atmosphere of my room! So from a drab, cold, rather uninviting place, its suddenly transformed into a comfortable, warm, inviting place. Now I don’t want to move out from this room and my father does not appreciate me throwing a tantrum and asking for my meals here! And if white curtains can do such magic, imagine what the red curtains(if I ever get them) will do! Its amazing how simple curtains can change the entire feel of a place. Its like this thing you never notice when its there but hate its absence. I always thought curtains were a pain because I had to iron them and hang them every time they got washed. Now, having seen my room without them, they are going to be my most prized possession! (Song playing in head- Parde mein rehne do, parda na uthao!)

Dancing is so much fun! I always knew it and realized it again that day. Its recreational, the best form of exercise and the greatest stress-buster ever! And the best part about it is that you don’t need anything to enjoy it. Just put on some music (any music) and shake your body! If you are fans of your own singing (like me), you don’t even need the music. Just sing and dance to your own tune! Its one recreational activity you don’t even need to be good at. All that’s required to be able to burn the dance floor is enthusiasm. Some of my beat dance partners are people with two-left feet! There was never an activity that was as much fun as dancing. I love dancing! It gets my blood flowing, adrenaline pumping and my mood just gets better! Its the best way to spend those ten minutes between two chapters during exams! (Song playing in head-Dhan te nan!)

Now dance reminds me of stress. I have noticed one thing in these past few weeks or months (difficult to define the time) Everyone is unhappy. I know that everyone has problems in their lives at all times but its not often that all my friends seem to concur with me when I say,”life sucks!” Now my problem is my joblessness(if there is such a word) and the fact that ‘An idle mind is a devil’s workshop” Amongst my closest friends-Rockstar and The Dude have had break-ups and are trying to move on, Mr.Busybody has been ‘melancholy’ for sometime now and refuses to tell me why (I hate him), Mickey mouse..well..his existence is a bit of a problem for him. Gujju papdi’s life was always one big issue. Shotgun has been rather listless. Senior citizen sends me sentimental messages saying-Life moves on and two of the three musketeers have ailing loved ones. I mean, its like everyone’s sad times are clashing. So there’s a general feeling of dissatisfaction and unhappiness all around. No one really seems upbeat or buoyant and that is happening for the first time in 19.5 years of my life. Everyone’s life is messed up at the same time! Generally, I have a problem which I vent out to you. Some days later you repeat it to me. Now, phone sessions are longer because both sides have a lot to vent about! I am sure there’s some cosmic problem here and the stars are to be blamed (I know Mr.Busybody  and Rockstar will stop reading at this point if they haven’t already!) But how else do you explain this clash of misfortunes? (Song playing in head-Pyaar hua, ikraar hua hai)

Joblessness reminds me of how boring a watchman’s job must be. But that is a story for another day. I’m tired of typing (which reminds me of the lost art of ‘writing’ by the way) and I await a phone call which I know will not come. There will be more coming as and when I stare out into space again! (Song playing in head-Mere piya gaye Rangoon, wahan se kiya hai…)

Aah well..

Miss.World wins the Peace Prize!

Obama’s won the peace prize. I’ll leave the analysis of it ‘being an embarrassing joke’ to the experts. I’ll just say this- Obama, apart from giving us the ‘yes, we can’ motto (which I love!) has announced a ‘vision’ for world peace. He hasn’t achieved anything yet. And if having a ‘vision’ for world peace was enough to win one the Nobel Peace prize, then every woman who wins the Miss. World contest should be given a Nobel immediately. If there is one thing I remember about these pageants from the time I used to follow them religiously, all of the winners declared a wish to work for world peace. And most of them did too, since they were under contract. If the committee has been smart and done it to put the pressure on Obama to actually speed up the peace processes, then it may serve some purpose. But as of now, ‘Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra for the peace prize!’