Nothing Philosophical..

People around me have various reasons for writing a blog. Mine is by far the lamest reason I have ever come across. See, I got caught up in the ‘blog-fever’ a couple of years ago and made an account on every blogsite. Nothing was ever posted and I have now forgotten the passwords to all of them. So, as a monument to that madness, I decided to make a new blog where I would atleast have a few posts AND remember the password!

Also, I realised that I have written absolutely nothing since March 2006. That is not good news for my writing skills. Considering that writing is a skill that has to be constantly developed and the inability to articulate my thoughts can be a MAJOR handicap, I decided to let my pen flow again. And knowing my very ‘filmy’ self, I know that the glamour(if there is any) of a blog will motivate me to write more than a diary can.

Thirdly, as the title goes, I speak too much. And therefore, I do not always find an audience for my ‘highly illuminating and life changing’ thoughts. Through this, I can vent and be happy and if you don’t like what I have written, you can make full use of the little ‘x’ button on the right hand side of the window! :p

As far as the content goes, I am no political writer or great satirist like my other esteemed blogger friends. So while it is not impossible, you are unlikely to find radical views that will change the world on this blog-seriously! I will write about whatever catches my eye-from the nescafe bhaiyya in my college to the real life Ellsworth Toohey type  characters I have been exposed to.  And you never know, pearls of wisdom from the nesacafe bhaiyya might change the world!

So much for the why and what. I should shut up now, even if it is MY blog.